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New Website for Teens

Hello all visitors. I have just got my website up. It still needs work but I will have to build it as I go. When I retire (at 65 years old) I want to speak at high schools. I want to explain some of the lessons I learned the hard way in the hope that you can be financially free sooner. I also want the young adults to understand how important they are to this world.

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My first suggestion for someone starting out is to seperate any income they have coming in to 5 different funds. 1) for saving. This is your padding on your rear. If something happens. This will soften the fall. 2) for investing. This money is your employees. You will send this money out to do work for you. 3) for learning. This money should be used to learn more about finances (or something to help you grow). 4) for living expenses. For now just what you need not wants. 5) fun money. Some needs to be there for wants, or just to enjoy life.

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