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It sounds easy

I was told all I have to do is put 30 dollars away out of every 100 dollars and I could be rich. It sounds easy. It is a lot more than that but just following that will be better than spending 100 dollars out of every 100 dollars. Also better that getting credit where you could wind up owing a lot more than you have. Why is it more than just putting away 30 dollars out of every 100 dollars? Inflation takes money away from you and it does so unseen. Where you put your money matters. One place you put your money could earn you 1 percent on your money while another place could earn you 20 percent or more. Your job is to learn about how inflation hurts you and how where you put your money could help you. I do not have a get rich quick plan. I do have a plan where you learn about money so you can make better choices. The way I found it works is on your quest to learn about money you discover more about who you are. It is like a action movie and a romance novel and all in between all rolled into one. Begin your journey now.

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